From fear and phobia to freedom and inner happiness.

Tammy Rolfe 

"I definitely would not have done this without Tammy's continued belief in me. I now think ‘what would Tammy say’ when my anxiety kicks in."

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Hi, I'm Tammy,

Founder of The Motivated Mummies

Confidence is a funny old thing. It is very hard to define but has a huge impact on your life.

For me, it means self-acceptance,  faith in your abilities, self-esteem and the ability to stand up for yourself.

My rock bottom was not when my children's dad left, the bailiffs were knocking, I had no money and I was suffering from depression and anxiety.
Even though it was a terrible time, people understood why I felt so bad, and I understood too. It made sense why I was so unhappy, bad things were happening.
My rock bottom was years after.
When I was happily married to my best friend, I had spare money in the bank, my business was successful.
Crazy huh?
The trouble was I still felt sad but nobody understood! " What more do you want?" people often said. It still rings in my ears. I wanted to feel worthy, I wanted inner happiness, I wanted to feel like I deserved to be alive, I didn't think that was too much to ask. But as I had all the outside bits, people didn't get it.
But when you hit rock bottom it can force you to sort your life out, and that's what I did!
It wasn't easy, I had a lot to work through and I'm still working through some bits, but I'm up and feeling good. I'm happy and I feel worthy and my inner happiness matches my outer happiness now which means I am enjoying life and achieving my goals.
Do you have inner happiness?
Do you feel worthy, successful and overall happy? If not, did you know you don't have to stay feeling that way? There are things you can do to change that, and it is not as hard as you may imagine.

I believe confidence is everything! It affects your relationships, your career, and your happiness. I also believe there is a huge difference between deep inner confidence and fake cocky confidence. 

If you are looking for the true authentic "I am unapologetically me" kind, then you are in the right place. 

If you would like to know why I am so passionate, you can read my story now...


 At 17 I was diagnosed with social phobia, then at 30, GAD, Generalised Anxiety Disorder. At times I was on a very high dose of anti-depressants just to function, and some days I couldn't even do that. I thought I had tried everything, until one day my chiropractor mentioned a man called Tony Robbins. Having never heard of him I searched his name and my world suddenly took a sharp turn for the better! Long story short, I was transformed back into the person I was born to be. In 3 short weeks, I was off all medication and already able to confidently talk in front of groups of strangers. So excited by my results I trained through his coaching school and started my own business helping other ladies find their inner confidence and self-belief.

Now I’ve turned my transformation into an easy-to-follow system that anyone can use to unlock their potential and enjoy the freedom of inner happiness. 5 steps to confidence, which can be used for both adults and children alike. You can work through this system for yourself in my book 'The Motivated Mummies Guide to Confidence, 5 Steps to Confidence for you AND your Child.' 

It is hard to believe that I have gone from panic attacks when leaving my house to receiving an award for Best Confidence Coach in a few short years! This just proves anything is possible.

If you are struggling I hope this gives you the inspiration to keep looking for your solution, and if I am it I look forward to working with you.

"Anxiety is such a difficult thing to deal with, but Tammy was kind, compassionate and I felt safe and supported in her presence."

Why Pick me?

  • Certified Life Coach through Tony Robbins (100 hours training 2017)
  • Diploma in Life Coaching (2018)
  • Certified Mental Health in Children and Young People (2021)
  • Anxiety and Panic Expert (2022)
  • Qualified beautician (11 years)
  • NNEB Diploma
  • Management certification
  • DBS checked and certified
  • Published 2-time author
  • Award-winning coach

But the main reason I believe I can help you achieve your happiness is that I have spent years with low self-esteem, high anxiety and zero confidence, and now I don't. I walk the walk and don't just talk the talk. I understand the struggles and make the results easy and achievable for you. I've got you until You've got this!


Find your confidence and achieve your goals with Tammy.

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"She listened to everything I had to say and then helped me make a really simple plan, with easily achievable steps to feel more in control and calmer, while still getting done what I absolutely need to."

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