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Monday 24th January 10am - 11am

Achieve Confidence WITHOUT the Cringe!

Follow my 5 step process to create unstoppable confidence you deserve

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You know things need to change when...

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… you feel you have lost your identity

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… you’re tired of being on an emotional rollercoaster


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… you’re frustrated with yourself and others


Meet Up for Confidence!

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A week by week support group where you’ll learn how to boost your confidence, grow your self-belief and up-level your life in every way.

Whether you are looking to return to work, build better relationships, be in control of your own life, or simply make new friends, the only thing holding you back is confidence in yourself (and maybe a plan). I can give you both!

A brand new support group!

Here's how it works...

One step at a time, building you up.

Whether your confidence has taken a knock since you had children, experienced past trauma or lost a job, it can be restored. Maybe you have lots of confidence but you overthink things and struggle to relax? This group is for you.

Each week you can come along and join in as much or as little as you like. We will work through the guide book taking one point per session and reflecting on how it relates to you and your life. Together, with consistent progress, the group will help you build your confidence, self-belief and remind you of who you are again, learning vital tools and skills along the way!

I, and the support of the other ladies, will help you set your goals, acknowledge your achievements and build your self-belief to help you feel your best self. Meeting in local quiet cafes and pubs you can grab a cuppa, build your social skills if needed and gently push yourself in the direction of growth, it is a time just for you. Each week there will be a different theme to get you thinking and questioning your limiting beliefs and developing new positive patterns. There is no hot spot, no on-site counselling, no pressure, no judgement, just a safe space for women to grow and learn about themselves and develop positive habits.

Can't make the group that week? No problem, simply attend the next time.




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The 5 Pillars of Confidence

According to Tammy, there are 5 principles we would benefit from developing in order to build stronger confidence and self-belief. She describes these through the Motivated Mummy symbol, CARLA.


C - Control. We all need to feel a level of control to function. Control can show up in our lives in many ways, and not always in good ways. By understanding how we can create positive control leads to happier lives with less anxiety.


A - Acceptance. Self-acceptance is important for self-worth. Everyone needs to feel valued and appreciated, if you don’t respect yourself, others won't either.


R - Release. Letting go of things that no longer help you is important for your mental health. The release is to let go of any negative past old stories and guilt to make space for a happier future.


L - Love. Everything is better with love, but when you love yourself it’s a real game-changer. Many people burn out or do not do what their heart tells them as they are too busy and have forgotten what they even like anyway. When you are a mum you often forget who you are and what you enjoy as it's typical to put your children first. This support group will help you remember who you are again.


A - Action Nothing changes without action! The support group helps you break down challenges, gives you the confidence and self-belief to go for it and supports you as you do. Little steps every week create big results.

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"I definitely would not have done this without Tammy's continued belief in me. I now think ‘what would Tammy say’ when my anxiety kicks in and I have doubt in myself."

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Friendships, understanding, support and so much more...


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The results speak for themselves...

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“Tammy Rolfe is: amazing, intelligent, precise, compassionate, brilliant, and is the go-to expert for women who need clarity and are busy Moms who's still need to leave an impact on the world through their business! "

Kelly Beyer

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"Tammy helped me both practically and personally. I’ve learnt so much from a business perspective but I’ve also grown personally; having more belief in myself, motivation, confidence etc. I’ve also met so many fantastic and inspiring ladies through Tammy’s community."


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I have been attending the Meet Up for Confidence sessions every week and it is helping me so much in life, in business, in relationships and in ways I didn’t realise I needed help with. Highly recommend!!

Casey MacKenzie

Brand & Lifestyle Photographer

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I have been attending the confidence groups and have enjoyed them so much, I feel like Tammy actually knows how my mind works and she often says what I am thinking.


Carole Russell
DVSA ADI approved driving instructor 

"I'm in!"

Here's what you get when you commit.

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Your 'Achieve Your Goals Quickly,

5 steps to confident success'

Guide book.

value: £24.99

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The full People Pleaser Online Workshop with the bonus business module.


value £148.00

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The option to join the weekly Meet Up for Confidence face to face support group at just £7 per session.




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Weekly accountability to fast track you to your goals

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A community of motivated and driven ladies who want to see you succeed.

Value = £412

Your Special Offer Price Just £10!

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If you are not sure if MEET UP FOR CONFIDENCE is for you, or you'd like more details on any other support from Tammy, simply text or email to book your complimentary clarity call. 


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Diagnosed with social phobia at 17, single mum of two by 24, on high doses of medication at 30 for GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder), I know how crippling low self-esteem can be!

Having trained through Tony Robbins to obtain my life coaching certification, attended too many to count, seminars and workshops on self-development and coaching, I am now proud to be through the other side of my mental health problems, free of all medication and in a great place to help others.

After publishing my first book in 2019 I am honoured to say I received the Best Confidence Coach award and was invited onto Sky TV to discuss the benefits of building confidence in Mothers and how that influences their children. I have always been passionate about helping people and I can see potential everywhere.

My biggest skill is helping people break down scary tasks to make them manageable and achievable, thus building massive confidence. Having struggled with my mental health ever since a child, I strongly believe in helping others to live their best life, and I believe this is closely linked to their confidence and self-belief.

I am passionate about passing on good behaviours to children and know that when you are calm, happy and fulfilled, you give your best self to everyone else too.


"Tammy has helped me to fly. She has taught me ways to step out of my comfort zone without it feeling impossible. She has never allowed me to give up, and has encouraged me and others, showing us that we can believe in ourselves and our dreams and encouraged us every step of the way."

How would you feel with the support and encouragement of those who really 'got you'?

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