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As I am a qualified beautician and Life Coach, you can pick and choose a treatment that's right for you. If 1-1 talk therapy feels too intense, or the stigma of speaking to someone for help will be too hard for your social circle, simply book in for a relaxing facial. Once booked in, you can choose if to enjoy the relaxing benefits of a deep cleansing facial, or focus more on talking over an issue whilst feeling completely secure. 

The benefits to these facials are many:

  • You walk out with beautiful skin
  • You have a sense of well being
  • You feel cared for
  • You feel lighter after letting go of things that have been weighing you down
  •  If you choose a facial lift, you will leave looking younger too!
  • I will even send a follow-up email detailing the action steps and the main points from our talk.

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Choose your facial: 

Facial Therapy 45 min £59*

Tailored to your skin, this relaxing 45 minutes facial will gently cleanse away your worries and woes.

Can include: double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, toner, facial massage and moisturiser. Lay back and relax, or use the opportunity to talk over anything that is playing on your mind. Enjoy the easy conversation with gentle questions to help you come to your own conclusions. After you will feel lighter and fresher and ready to face the day!

Includes a flow up email covering the main points, any links to resources you may find useful and any action steps suggested during the facial that will help you.

10 % discount for 6 sessions

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Facial Lift 1hour of bliss £85*


This is the perfect facial for those who are wanting to see both a physical change as well as a mindset one. With the same benefits of talking over any problems, you can also enjoy the greatness of the radio frequency machine. This warm handpiece glides over your skin to naturally and gently heat your collagen and elastin fibres giving you an instantly more youthful complexion. You will leave with a larger sense of well being and with the confidence of plumper smoother skin.

Includes: double cleanse, radiofrequency and a facial massage. Plus the follow-up email.

15% discount when paying for 6 sessions.



These do not have to be booked at the time of paying but if you return within 3 weeks you will see the greater benefit to the results of your lift as they build on each other.

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Ultimate Facial Lift 90 minutes of Heaven £120*

Named Ultimate because this truly is the ultimate in relaxation! It's also the best option for killing two birds with one stone. You can spend the first 45 minutes of your facial discussing your action steps or talking over a problem, get that clear in your mind then sink into the heated couch and fully immerse yourself in the warmth of the facial lift for the remainder of 45 minutes! Bliss. 

This includes the face, neck and chest with the radiofrequency treatment and a facial massage. It also includes the follow-up email.

15% discount when you pay for 6 upfront. 

Vouchers are available. You are under no obligation to talk about anything you do not wish to. Every session is private and confidential. The minimum age for Facial therapy is 10, Minimum age for Facial Lift is 18. 

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You are in safe hands

  • DBS checked
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Qualified Beautician
  • Certified Youth Mental Health 
  • 12 years experience
  • Excellent reviews
* To ensure everyone receives the help and support they need, a 50% deposit is required when booking. You may move your appointment if needed. If you cancel within 24 hours your deposit will be kept to pay for the lost appointment space.

Happy Client

" The facial was lovely and I feel much calmer and more relaxed now."

"A weight off my shoulders"

"I will definitely be back, I feel better for saying it out loud, and knowing it won't get back to anyone."

"If my kids are happy I'm happy!"

"My daughter really enjoyed her facial therapy, I don't know what you said, but she seems much happier!"

Relax with Facial Therapy and let your cares wash away.

One of the best ways to do self-care is with a facial therapy session. Relax and enjoy your facial, or talk about the things that are on your mind in a calm and relaxing environment. Either way, you walk out feeling calmer and happier.

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