I can't afford it!

Nov 29, 2020

I can't afford it 😭

How many times have you said this, and how many times have you heard it?

When people say they can't afford it, it's never about the money. 🤦🏻‍♀️

It's about 3 things :
1. The meaning they are attaching to buying it
2. The result of buying it
3. The fear.

1. The meaning they are attaching to buying it 

Money is just metal and paper. It comes it goes. Some people believe they have a finite amount and it needs to be carefully preserved, but thats just not true.

Even if you are in an employed job, with a fixed income, getting a monthly wage this still isn't true. Money can come from all different places. An unexpected pay rise, a tenner found in old jeans, a win on the lottery, a coffee paid for by a friend...

It is only ever capped by your mindset and expectations.

So when you attach the meaning that you don't have spare money to buy this, or you shouldn't buy this cos your money won't stretch, it is purely your own beliefs that hold you back.

Maybe you attach the meaning that you shouldn't buy things for yourself.

How many times have you told yourself, "I can't afford that" then gone straight out and spent double on your kids! Without a second thought.

Or "I can't afford that" but come 6pm you order a take away @ £40 or buy that weekly bottle of wine. I'm not judging, I've done just that, I'm saying there are things we accept spending money on, and things we don't. 

2. The result of buying it 

You may be very conscious or be subconsciously worried about the result of buying it.

This came up Saturday whilst discussing hiring a Virtual Assistant with a client. It was not the money it was the result of having what you purchased. Dear lord, this means I need to step up and play big, and that is scary!!! 😳

If you don't buy it, whether it be hired help, a course, coaching, a pamper day to de stress, then you always have an excuse to fall back on.

" I'm too busy, I don't have time, I don't know enough, I'm too exhausted" People don't argue with those reasons, they just let you carry on playing small.

3. The last one is fear.

This is what everything boils down to. What if...

What if I buy it and then we can't afford to pay the bills? What if I buy it and it doesn't work? What if I buy it and I can't do it? What if I buy it and I'm still unhappy?

This is a common reflex with purchases that are new to you (and why we feel happier to spend money on take aways, clothes, holidays, things we KNOW will make us happy) .

But what if it DID work out? 😁

What if money always comes somehow and you COULD still pay the bills? What if you figured out how to use it so it wasn't a waste, what if the purchase made you step up your game and play big and you DID succeed? 🤗

Fear is there to keep you safe.

It's your very old brain saying stick to what you know, you're safe here, you know this life.

So what can you do to break this pattern?

1. Acknowledge what you believe about that purchase. Ask yourself, why do I think I can't afford it?

( You'll be tempted to say ,because the money is not in the bank obviously! But go deeper. There are loans, there's selling things, there is finding a way to make that money. Now ask again. )

2. Ask yourself what will happen if I buy this? And see what pops into your mind. If its a positive, I ask you to challenge that. There is something holding you back.

3. What is the worst thing that may happen if you buy it? Then ask is that true? Is it likely to happen and if so, what can you do to stop it happening.

Breaking our habits does not come instantly, it takes time. So be aware from now on how you feel about purchasing things, and start to question yourself each time you say " I can't afford it".

Surround yourself with others who have a positive money mindset and expect money to appear. Take note of the times when money just turns up or the times when you have enough, more than enough. Take note of what you buy and remind yourself you can afford it, it is just the choices you make that are different.

Start saying " I can afford it, I just choose not to" and you never know what miracles may happen.

Now go back and read that all again from the point of your prospective client. It will help you to sell more of your products or services.

You've got this!

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