Building your confidence by acknowledging your success

Nov 13, 2020

In business it is so important to talk confidently about yourself and tell others why they should have faith in you. Some of you find this very hard as you are not use to speaking nicely about yourself, let alone boasting about your achievements! The trouble is, one of the 3 reasons people do not buy, is because they are not confident in you!

So this lack of confidence in yourself and your ability needs to be adressed.

I am going to set you a challenge to help build this skill, and this is something that you should endeavour to practice until it becomes more natural. It may feel uncomfortable to start with, but the more you do it the easier it will become. I will also explain the reason behind doing it so you can justify it in your mind when your body screams "no!!!".

The challenge.

On your favourite social media platform I want you to acknowledge 2 people that have helped you achieve something that you are proud of.

You should: 

* post one clear unfiltered picture of just you

* tag 2 people that have actually helped you in some way ( make sure the tag works, don't just type their name. State how they helped you, no need for details.

* Acknowledge CLEARLY what it is you have achieved, be specific (for helping me in my business won't cut it)

The intention

By using a clear picture of yourself you are catching peoples attention, forcing them to stop scrolling.

By tagging 2 people you get your post seen by more people.

Stating your achievement tells your prospective clients why they should trust you.

 The logic behind it

Faces capture peoples attention more than other images, and you are also promoting yourself by using your face. 

A non filtered picture helps others to feel more connected to you and it actually builds more trust than a filtered picture or a cartoon.

Showing gratitude to those who have helped you shows your kind nature, it also makes those who have helped you feel appreciated and more likely to continue to help. People who like being acknowledged may step up to help you more as they see you are good at promoting others ( who doesn't want their praises sung and their business shared?).

There are only 3 reasons why people do not buy, and one of them is because they are not confident in your ability. By pointing out your successes you are building their trust in you. You are also building your trust and confidence in yourself, because the more you praise yourself and acknowledge your wins, the more confident you will feel.

Do not..

Use a picture of anyone but you

Use a filter or cartoon picture

Use mulitiple pictures

Tag someone if you are not truly grateful

Tag them just because they have a good following

Tag someone who never uses the platform and has no views

Down play your achievement

Put a negative spin on your achievement

Down play it in the comments

Make it salesy.


Answer each comment and accept any compliments. 

Use a simple thank you if you struggle with compliments

Ask questions to keep the post being promoted

Post on your personal profile!

Know that just mentioning your achievement is selling enough.

Post on a week day as you'll get more hits.

Levels of confidence

Obviously I want you to try and do this challenge in full, but I do understand that fear may kick in! So I have developed some modifications so everyone can join in one way or another. Any action you take will build your confidence more than no action!


Post a picture of a heart instead of yourself

Be more general with your boast part of the post

Only tag someone who you are sure will be okay with it rather than one with a big following

Post in your group

Want to step it up?

Do the challenge, but instead of a picture.....go live! Use all the information to create a title for your live, including the tags, then go live and acknowlege the people that helped you. The more you rave about them, the more likely they are to share your live. If you pick those who would benefit from the review they are more likely to share than a friend.

Make sure you add in your boast, try and be as specific as possible, ie, did you win an award, did you get another client, did you hit a next level at work, maybe you paid off a bill, or bought an expensive item, got an interview or you were recognised in some way.

This achievement does not have to have just happened, you can pick something that was a previous accomplishment if you do not have a recent one.

You've got this!

Whatever you do is better than not doing anything. If you want to feel confident and you want a successful business, then you must take action and step out of your comfort zone.

Once you have done your post copy the link into our group and let us all celebrate your success!

Confidence In Business

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Confidence In Business

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