I help mums and teens to worry less so they can live a happier and more confident life without panic.

 Life & Business Coach in Iver

I help mums and teens to worry less so they can live a happier and more confident life.

Life & Business Coach in Iver

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 Tammy Rolfe

The Motivated Mummies & Meet Up for Confidence

 Be the person you want your child to be!
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Support for anxiety


Are you struggling with anxiety? Maybe you're not sure if what you are experiencing is anxiety. 

Get my free guide, “Reducing Anxiety by Understanding The Signsand start confidently showing up as your best self.


“Tammy is a shining example of what she teaches, proof that anxiety can not only be overcome but can be turned into something that no longer holds you back but inspires you to become stronger."

I’ve always been a worrier, sometimes I worry if I have nothing to worry about! Tammy has a wealth of knowledge, tools and techniques to help you reduce your worrying. I love the actions I can put into practice immediately, focusing on positive steps to move forward. Thank you, Tammy!

Laura Kingston

Career and Business Coach

How I can support you on your journey.

Self-doubt, overthinking and tired?

Would you love to have more belief and confidence in yourself? Maybe you want to be able to make a decision again and feel confident it is the correct one. I know how you feel. I was struggling for years, stuck in a negative cycle of self-criticism, worry and doubt. It is such a relief to move on from that. I have helped many ladies get back on their feet, stop worrying and start believing in themselves again. Everyone deserves to live their best life.
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Facial Therapies

For those local to Iver, pop in for a relaxing facial to ease your troubles away.

Talk therapy can be intimidating, especially if you do not enjoy eye contact. 

Take the pressure off with a relaxing facial while you talk over any issues that are bothering you. Also includes a follow email with tips and ideas.


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Life Coach Iver
1-on-1 coaching

Get to the bottom of what's really holding you back and tackle it head-on! 

Whether this is a big goal you would like to achieve or stopping panic attacks and worry. 1-1 coaching gives you the tools to live your best life.

 100% bespoke, this is the fastest way to success!


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online business course for mums
Online courses

For Mums looking to take action and build self-belief and confidence in and out of Business.

Work lives and confidence are so closely linked, but many do not see the connection, especially if you already class yourself as a confident person. 

In order to reach your next level, you need to step out of your current comfort zone, and that takes your next-level confidence! 

Discover Your Course


Want to be a great role model to your kids?

You can! By working on yourself you start the ripple effect that is so important to our younger generation. So if you feel you need a change, if only for your children's sake, keep reading as I promote breaking negative habits so we only pass on our good bits!

"Since I started your course my daughter has become so much more confident herself! She loves the games you suggest and is now putting up her hand at school and feeling much happier. I can't believe that me working on my confidence has had such an effect on her!"

Be the person you want your child to be.

We are always saying words of encouragement to our children: aim high, you can do it, be brave, stand up for yourself. How often do you say that to yourself?

Or is it more like: you're not good enough, you should have done it better, you'll never make it!  And then cry with frustration that yet another person has walked all over you!

 My motto is simple.

Be the person you want your child to be. Take the advice you dish out, do the actions you speak of, and not only will your life be a huge success, but your child will naturally follow suit. 

“Tammy is very honest and forthright about her own struggles with anxiety and incredibly passionate about what she does. She has given me the most amazing advice and is certainly not just a shoulder to cry on but someone with real tools and systems to improve your life immediately. If you're looking for a professional, non-judgemental coach who has overcome huge hurdles to be where she is today and will help you do the same Tammy is the lady you are looking for.”

Lindsay Dean

Motivational Clothing

Motivational Clothing

Dress for confidence and boost your self-belief with positive affirmations.

Remind yourself that you have got this! My Motivated Mummies love to wear their 'I've Got This' tops during workouts, running their own business and any time they need a gentle reminder.

Also available in matching children's sizes and a range of colours. 10% of all profits go to Samaritans so you will be helping those in need while motivating yourself too.

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Tammy Rolfe

Life Coach Specialising in Anxiety and Confidence Building.

Confidence is a funny old thing. It is very hard to define but has a huge impact on your life.

For me, it means self-acceptance,  faith in your abilities, self-esteem and the ability to stand up for yourself.

My rock bottom was not when my children's dad left, the bailiffs were knocking, I had no money and I was suffering from depression and anxiety.
Even though it was a terrible time, people understood why I felt so bad, and I understood too. It made sense why I was so unhappy, bad things were happening.
My rock bottom was years after.
When I was happily married to my best friend, I had spare money in the bank, my business was successful.
Crazy huh?
The trouble was I still felt sad but nobody understood! " What more do you want?" people often said. It still rings in my ears. I wanted to feel worthy, I wanted inner happiness, I wanted to feel like I deserved to be alive, I didn't think that was too much to ask. But as I had all the outside bits, people didn't get it.
But when you hit rock bottom it can force you to sort your life out, and that's what I did!
It wasn't easy, I had a lot to work through and I'm still working through some bits, but I'm up and feeling good. I'm happy and I feel worthy and my inner happiness matches my outer happiness now which means I am enjoying life and achieving my goals.

Do you have inner happiness?

Do you feel worthy, successful and overall happy? If not, did you know you don't have to stay feeling that way? There are things you can do to change that, and it is not as hard as you may imagine.

I believe confidence is everything! It affects your relationships, your career, and your happiness. I also believe there is a huge difference between deep inner confidence and fake cocky confidence. 

If you are looking for the true authentic "I am unapologetically me" kind, then you are in the right place. 

If you would like to know why I am so passionate, you can read my story here.


Read my story
Life coach Iver Heath

Testimonials about Tammy


Casey MacKenzie

Family and Small Business Photographer - Iver


 I have had 1-1 coaching from Tammy and I am loving her Meet Up for Confidence group on Mondays.

It has helped me so much to clear my head and start taking positive steps to achieve great relationships and push forward with my business.

Highly recommend it to anyone looking to tweak their lifestyle and make positive changes!


Contact Casey
Laura Maton Big Purple Savings

Laura Maton

Financial Educator - England

I have been working with Tammy for nearly a year now and she is just fabulous! She gives you a different perspective on things which is so helpful and says things how they need to be said. I have recently completed her Confidence in Business Training and it blew my mind. I knew it would be good having been part of her free Facebook group prior to this as well as coaching sessions, but I was not prepared for the depth and detail we went into. The best bit for me was the tasks and action plan to put what we learned into practice...just what I needed! Plus I now have a fabulous peer group for support. I would highly highly recommend jumping on board with Tammy.

Contact Laura
Kelly Beyer

Kelly Beyer

Angelic Healer  -America  

I absolutely positively give five stars!!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tammy Rolfe is: amazing, intelligent, precise, compassionate, brilliant, and is the go-to expert for women who need clarity and are busy Moms who still need to leave an impact on the world through their business! I've had coaching sessions with Tammy that literally changed the trajectory of my business and my own perception of myself and my destiny. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I took a 6-week course with her and it shifted everything personally and in my business! I now have coaching sessions on a 1-1 on a regular basis. You owe it to yourself, your family and your future clients to either be coached by Tammy or participate in her online course! She truly is the go-to to increase your business and your personal development (both are directly connected).

Contact Kelly
Carla Edwards

Carla Edwards

Founder & Owner of Business Cuppa Connections - Australia

I have absolutely enjoyed being coached with the Motivated Mummies. Tammy has helped give me clarification and the tools I needed to get back on track clearing the brain clutter. In doing her course as well I now have more confidence stepping into the future with life and Business knowing that I also have found a tribe of amazing women that support each other I'm happy to call friends. Tammy's 1 on 1 coaching has helped me immensely I'll be forever grateful for her assistance and presence in my life. 

Contact Carla
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Review Motivated Mummies
Review Motivated Mummies
Review Motivated Mummies
Review Motivated Mummies
Review Motivated Mummies
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Join our community of strong determined women.

No one can do it all alone. Who you spend time with is who you turn into. Surround yourself with those who want to see you succeed as much as you do!

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